Meet Jax

Coach Jax Watson– Pitchfire founder

My name is Jax Watson, founder of Pitchfire pitching camp in Jackson, Mississippi. I’ve been involved with sports since I was a child but my main focus has always been baseball. I went through college playing the game and was the star pitcher for my team. I had a great coach that taught me everything I know and use today for my students. In my prime, I could pitch 93 mph and realized then that with the proper technique, anyone could do what I do. After I graduated, I went on to be a columnist for MLB. My career there was short lived once I realized I’d rather be teaching and shortly after leaving, I created my intense four day pitching camp. I’m proud to say that from the beginning the business was a success as I am very active in the community here. It wasn’t long before Pitchfire began receiving requests from out of state and even out of country players.

The Site

I created this website with the sole intention on reaching more folks, either those with passionate baseball playing children, or young men and woman seeking to perfect their skills for college scholarships. If this sounds like you and you’d like to inquire about the up coming camp season, email me at