Pitchfire– Semiannual Pitching Camp!

My name is Coach Jax Watson and I have been training youth in the art of pitching for many years. Is your child a passionate player, dedicated to improving their pitching skills? Be it baseball or softball, I am positive that my four day intensive training camp will not only improve pitching ability but change the way they play. I won’t lie, this camp is intense and I only want to work with those that are willing to put in the hard work and effort it takes to become the best. This camp is only open to those aged 13 to 20.

Camp Pitchfire is based out of Jackson, Mississippi and is held twice a year during summer break and again during winter for four days. There are two locations, both within the city. In the warmer months base is stationed at an outdoor camp with cabins and during the cold season, we move to our indoor locations with dorms. You can expect the best, expert training, from me and my team. It isn’t expected that you or your child stay over night but we have many that come from out of state, even some from other countries, which is why we provide living quarters for the duration of camp.

What to Expect

The first day everyone gets up early and after breakfast begins light drills where my team and I asses each players strengths and weaknesses. Afterward, we meet one on one for a brief discussion on what we’ve learned and what we’re going to do to make the player better. The afternoon is spent running through unique drills, techniques and fun competition. Here at Pitchfire we believe that every pitcher can reach 85 mph. The remainder of the days are spent drilling constantly and really focusing on the individuals weaker points. The last day we hold a pitching contest where we meter and score the fastest pitches. At the end of it all we go back over each player and discuss continued training with the hope that they return the following season. I’d be lying if I told you that after one camp experience you’ll be the best pitcher in the league but with our training course, we know that after two stays with us, you’ll be pitching fire. If you or your child are passionate about baseball or softball and aspire to play in the Big Leagues, sign up today! There is still slots available but time is running out! To sign up or ask questions, head on over to my Meet Jax page.